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So frigging confused right now, wish sometimes these 4 years would pass, and the time was here.

Sometimes my mind will just tell me to “Get up and go”… Oh the times I want to take this opportunity straight up, just pack my bags, get my ticket, then just fly away, somewhere life will be happier and more enjoyable. But as the old tale goes, you just gotta take these things one day at a time, live for the moment you’re living, don’t think about tomorrow, because tomorrow doesn’t exist, only the moment you’re living exists, forget about yesterday, because you cannot relive that moment, it’s all about the moment that’s existing now, the moment you’re currently living for, the moment when you’ll look back, and say… “From taking this one day at a time, I’ve come and gone a long way, and in the end… It’s all pulled off”. Remember, don’t live in the past or present, live in the moment, for that moment is the only moment that exists. 

It’s 4:20pm ya’ll :).

Looks like I’ve come to the conclusion that this needs to stop, I find and feel myself slowly repeating some of the past that I don’t really want repeating for the better… I have a goal in site, a future ahead, and a happy lifestyle waiting for me, by indulging in what I’m currently doing I find a strain on myself, and a few months having been doing what I have been, I’ve finally thought after this weekend, I can no longer do it, not only for the better, but for what I’m wanting in life, I’m not going to get it by doing what I’m doing, it will only make my freedom fall further and further away, something I’m not willing to let happen! 3 and a half years… You will come quicker than you think, it’s about time I start acting upon this, pull myself back together, get back on track, and keep my goals in site. I don’t want to look back knowing I never did it.

Actually feeling so fucking confused recently… I may be smiling, but how do you know that it’s not just me fake smiling, how do you know it’s not just me hiding problems that are lost within me, how do you know that all of this is slowly fucking me up? You don’t.